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News and events
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Industrial Archaeology of Dartmoor (2)
A 2nd group has started looking at the industrial archaeology on Dartmoor.  The walks take place in the morning of the 4th Wednesday of each month and normally take 2½ to 3 hours including a stop for coffee etc.  The walks are led by a Dartmoor guide for which the group shares the cost.  If you are interested in joining this group, contact Anne Kiddell via the group page - CLICK HERE
Etymology (2)
A 2nd Etymology group has been formed and will hold their first meeting in September.  There is room for a few more new members of this popular group.  If you are interested, contact Jean Sherrell via the group page - CLICK HERE.

A play on words and phrases, their meanings and origins and how they have been used
and altered through time.  A lot of fun.
Local History (3)
A 3rd  Local History group has been formed by Liz Menzies.  If you want to enquire about joining one of the groups, contact the group leaders via the Local History web page HERE.